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5 Shots: Full Moon Rising

After school yesterday, we raced up to the plateau to get some fresh air and watch the full moon rise. The festivities included talks with my daughter, consuming hot dogs on a stick, smores with granddaughters, and sprinter Ruby doing loops around us. It was her first experience at our magical spot. She’s six months old and looks more like a dog now. Jim was dubbed Chanticleer after the rooster in that old animation film, Rockadoodle. His five females clucked (Ruby barked) around him and everyone was quite happy. Here are five shots of our outdoor living room.

Sycamore Wilderness up on the Plateau
a truly hot dog
Hot off the stick.

50 thoughts on “5 Shots: Full Moon Rising”

    1. Thanks! When I wrote about them sitting up on the plateau and their descent and cross across the Sycamore Wilderness, I was right there. πŸ˜‰
      Now for book three, I gotta find a way to get to the Philappines! Get in the jungle where the nurses worked at Hospital #2. I wonder what it looks like now. That is, if it’s been bulldozed and turned into living spaces.

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    1. I remember certain events I did when I was a Mom. Looking back, there’s a few things that made me proud of myself. Now that the cycle is repeating, I’m hoping our time on the plateau will bring warm thoughts to our grandchildren.

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    1. It was a well-needed outing. I get so claustrophobic moving from car to school room to car to home. Repeat. By Friday, I’m dying to get out into the fresh air. Thanks for commenting, Bill.


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