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Cindy’s Newsletter

The process of writing historical fiction is a fun undertaking. Share the experience with me. My goal is to send each email subscriber a monthly newsletter that focuses on the research of creating novel three including trivia surrounding World War 2. 

I invite you to click the link below. Join the ranks that will receive the monthly newsletter. Please email me; I will add you to the list. 

Click the link >>  Cindy’s Newsletter March 2020 

You’ve permission to come aboard.

Email me here:  cbruchman@yahoo.com 

15 thoughts on “Cindy’s Newsletter”

    1. I liked the photo and stuck it at the top of the post regarding my first newsletter. Of course, the text and info was not put on the post when I published it. I’m experiencing aggravation with WordPress today…
      Would you mind coming back and checking out the link? Maybe you might like the history stuff…

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    1. WP is giving me a lot of grief today. The link to the newsletter and my text wasn’t connected to the image in the post. They keep trying to get me to do a new editing/creating format called block editing. I am comfortable with the classic editor. Why must they fix what isn’t broken? Ugh.
      Anyway, I have sent you the newsletter via email. Thanks for wanting to receive it. I posted the link here today so people had an idea of what the (harmless) Newsletter looks like. I’m learning. πŸ™‚

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    1. Hi! Thanks for the comment. The post was a gaff, unfortunately. The actual Newsletter link was meant to be included with text. It’s fixed now. Would you mind coming back and checking it out? Also, is your name Kim H. by any chance?

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