Cindy’s Newsletter

The process of writing historical fiction is a fun undertaking. Share the experience with me. My goal is to send each email subscriber a monthly newsletter that focuses on the research of creating novel three including trivia surrounding World War 2. 

I invite you to click the link below. Join the ranks that will receive the monthly newsletter. Please email me; I will add you to the list. 

Click the link >>  Cindy’s Newsletter March 2020 

You’ve permission to come aboard.

Email me here: 

15 Comments on “Cindy’s Newsletter

    • WP is giving me a lot of grief today. The link to the newsletter and my text wasn’t connected to the image in the post. They keep trying to get me to do a new editing/creating format called block editing. I am comfortable with the classic editor. Why must they fix what isn’t broken? Ugh.
      Anyway, I have sent you the newsletter via email. Thanks for wanting to receive it. I posted the link here today so people had an idea of what the (harmless) Newsletter looks like. I’m learning. πŸ™‚

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