1 Shot Wednesday: Supermoon

One photograph just won’t do it this week. Did you see that full moon last night? Here are three shots from last night’s supermoon which was only 221,851 miles away from Earth. The pinky orb made our mouths drop. These shots happened Arizona time at 7:20 p.m. outside of Tuzigoot National Monument. There’s something special about two ancient entities sharing the same sky. The transcendentalist in me was quite happy.

1. Rising over Tuzigoot.
2. Road to the Moon
3. Too Full for Words

Which one do you like best?

36 thoughts on “1 Shot Wednesday: Supermoon

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  1. Beautiful, I love all three. I know you’re normally blessed with clean air in your part of the world, I’ve noticed the skies are a lot clearer over here recently. One plus side to the lockdown and a drop in air pollution?

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      1. I’m a bit obsessed with it…I have a huge coffee table book with hundreds of pages of pictures and information, and I own the documentary “Last Man On The Moon” about the LAST Astronaut to land there…I will be doing a “Cult Movie Monday” segment on that soon!


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