5 Shots: Camping at the Rim

1. Ponderosa Pines

There are five of us in my immediate family who see a lot of each other during this time of sequester. We went away for 24 hours to the Mogollon Rim and revisited the spot we discovered back in November. There wasn’t a soul around. Here are five plus a few extra shots of our favorite way to social distance. Which one do you like best?

2. All Alone
3. The Face of the Canyon
4. Pine Cone and Mountain Flowers
5. Running Ruby
6. Ruby pauses after exploring mud puddles.
7. Ulani Greets the Morning Sun.
8. Golden Lichen

50 Comments on “5 Shots: Camping at the Rim

  1. Again all beautiful. I guess just one it would be #7. There’s a depth of wonderment against the backdrop of nature. A sense of poetry.


  2. There’s something about the pinecone and mountain flower image that I really like. Nice collection of photos.


      • Nope! Have only driven around exploring in the truck. No camping. With our larger RV, we’re usually cautious as to where we take her. All those pine tress aren’t kind to 12 foot plus tall RVs. We finally replaced a skylight and roof vents that were broken from trees in WI. 😏


  3. Beautiful pictures as always Pam πŸ™‚ During this whole pandemic, it is nice to look at something gorgeous and these pictures do the trick πŸ™‚ Anyway, keep up the great work as always πŸ™‚


  4. For me, it’s β€œThe Face of the Canyon”. What a superb photograph of superb scenery.


    • Welcome! I get a kick out of the textures and rippled walls the stones make. Those trees–how do they thrive upward with very little root system?πŸ€”


  5. As a record of where you were, the face of the canyon is impressive. But all five are a personal memoir of a familiy trip, so choosing one is irrelevant. They are all equally important to you. πŸ™‚
    Best wishes, Pete. x


  6. I couldn’t pick a favorite. After bouncing back and forth between all the pictures, I ended up tied between 3 and 6.


  7. Wow. Look at that beautiful sun. Looks like the weather was absolutely perfect. And the scenery…love it.


  8. The Fate of the Canyon is my favorite. the whole city of Lima s encircled by steep hills into which people have carved out living spaces. probably a mlliion of the 12 million inhabitants of the city live in such spaces. Is that the fate of the canyon?


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