1 Shot Wednesday: Smoke in the Valley

Living next to a wilderness area, lightning can strike during monsoon season and start a wildfire. That’s an annual threat in Arizona. The smoke travels and descends into pockets of the terrain and sits there causing poor air quality for animals and people. This picture is bizarrely beautiful. Taken in 2014, the wind pushed the smoke from a fire forty miles away to the Verde Valley.

39 thoughts on “1 Shot Wednesday: Smoke in the Valley

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    1. Dearest John,
      Thanks again for participating so enthusiastically with the L13FC post. I’m closing up the comments now. What a great job you did initiating conversation. Let’s think of a future post to co-host, okay?

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  1. I need this framed. Sent to the following address: 6 Cobblestone Lane . . .


    No seriously this is a beautiful shot. Lovely color and depth

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  2. i love the composition of the four long rectangles, but would trim the bottom half of the bottom one to make it the same height as the top one. colors are remarkable.


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