IMO: “Remember the good things.”

Carry the bag of potting soil from the trunk to the patio.

Stir the fish water and compost in with the soil.

Gingerly set the bulb, flower, and bush into its spot.

Now, sit there. And watch it grow.

My mother followed this routine continuously for sixty years.

I confess, I never got it. It seemed like a boring way to spend the day.

Talking to her little friends.

The birds, the butterflies, and the hummingbirds her favorite neighbors.

Her dog by her feet.

Her husband puttering in the garden.

Nothing was professionally done. Nothing was perfect.

It’s been ten months since her passing.

Today, I realized my efforts to create a beautiful patio,

All the toiling and the stiffness earned was for her.

Now, I make a point to sit on the patio.

I sit and watch the plants grow.

It is not boring at all.

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  1. Happy Mother’s day to you, dear Cindy. (We had our one in March.)
    I am glad that you now see what your mother saw. That is the way of things, and it is a good way.
    Best wishes, Pete. x

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  2. There is nothing boring about sitting and appreciating something beautiful like you’ve created to sit in there. I have a setting like that I find beautiful though it has fallen into disrepair since my eyesight began to dim. As far as I’m concerned every day is Mother’s Day as I have the fondest memories of my Mother. But motherhood comes at a price as all mothers know. You may get what I’m referring to if you have the time to view this link.

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  3. That is the best tribute to a mother. Memories suddenly come to light when we do the same thing, and realize how truly wonderful out mother was. Thank you, Cindy.

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    1. Hi Fraggle,
      I remember sitting on the patio with her almost daily for years and years while my children grew up. It was my cocktail hour, “me” time. This is the first time I’ve given it a 100 percent effort to create something that Jim and I enjoy. He has helped a lot in the creation of the patio. Now we sit outside in the evenings and it has become our outdoor livingroom. The warm air and privacy — who wants to go in? Not me.

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  4. You’ve done a great job with your patio and all the plants, it looks lovely. Its been nearly a year since my Mother passed. I miss her dearly. She loved her garden and patio as well, and always pottered around outside when the weather was nice. I try and do the same now, it always makes me think of her, and I find gardening very relaxing too. 🙂

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  5. I miss my mother too. She loved flowers and gardening. This was a lovely tribute that reminded me of that part of her.


  6. When my father passed I planted for him a glorious Memorial garden of purple poppies.
    The seasons changed. Next Spring I waited for the poppies to rise again.
    They did not. They were annuals.
    The moment was passed.


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