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Dear Friends,

Ruby on board at Sunroad Resort Marina, San Diego

Some summer breaks are uneventful for weeks at a time before an international trip happens. Weeks go by waiting for the big bang of adventure far, far away. Other summers, little trips happen–two days here, five days there–throughout the whole summer. This was my 2021 summer. You might recall a recent post at the beginning of June when Jim and I went to Cerritos Beach outside of Todos Santos, Mexico for a week. That was a great kick off to the summer.

Nothing eventful occurred until the end of June when I had rotator cup surgery which required three screws and nine sutures. Ouch.

Covid had kept our family members away from each other. A joy, then, to reunite with my daughter-in-law and grandson who stayed for a ten day visit. Whenever friends and family visit, we become tourists which is important. Seeing one’s neighborhood through the eyes of others is a perspective that keeps me grateful. Jim took his daughter on the Williams, AZ train to the Grand Canyon. We revisted Montezuma’s Castle, an ancient Anasazi monument in Camp Verde, AZ.

Ben and the Gene Autry Cowboy
Anna, Ben & Montezuma’s Castle

My son visited for a weekend. It had been a long time, so I tried something special and booked two nights at a Phoenix resort, so I could visit with my grandchildren and two sons at a fun location. We spent the days in the pool and had a blast.

My son, Paul, the accountant
San Diego skyline

Jim and I reconnected after the kids left, and we took Ruby with us to San Diego. We tried staying in a sailboat for a few nights at the harbor. What a fun glamping experience.

Fort Rosecrans National Cemetery

Atop a ridge overlooking San Diego on one side and the Pacific Ocean on the other was a somber final resting place for veterans. It felt like visiting Arlington National Cemetery with manicured grounds and white marble headstones symetrically placed over many acres.

Ruby and Jim

Always ready to fish, Jim and Ruby spend the mornings in the ocean.

A Pacific Croaker
Inside the sailboat

It was pristine and quiet in the marina. Our boat was just right for two adults and a dog.

Ocean Beach, San Diego

After exploring several beaches on the coast, we headed back home to our Arizona desert. The water followed us as monsoons hit the Phoenix area with great force. Up north where we live, it has rained for days now. Our drought-suffering region needs it.

Crimped and tired, Ruby.

Now I’m done with summer adventures. The school year starts up on August 2. I did not write much in July. I’m hoping to spend the remaining week getting a chapter out of the way. Thinking kind thoughts of you all.

Love & Friendship,


56 thoughts on “Dear Friends,”

  1. Ouch is right! Sounds like no more playing ball for you. Hope it doesn’t cramp your typing on that manuscript. Sounds like you, Jim, and Ruby had a nice time though. And that smile on that little guy’s face says he’s having fun being sung to. And I bet your neighbors were happy you brought the rain back with you. Good to see a post, Cindy.

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    1. Hi Don. Wrapping up the summer for me is a seasonal change because of my profession. It’s powerful to reflect. I hate newsletters, and this kinda felt like one. I’m glad you didn’t mind the recap. Yes, back to the manuscript. I miss blogging.

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  2. Hope you’re going to be OK with that operation. Wow.

    Covid has knocked the wind out of a lot of our plans. Then lately the BC forest fires stopped another trip. Smoke. I long to see a beach again. But we’ll do some Day Trips around here instead. Funny isn’t it? These Day Trips would be an exotic for some folks. No problem. We’ve learned to be grateful for what we have.

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    1. You got my meaning! Your backyard would cost me a pretty penny to visit and I’d feel like I was an exotic bird fluttering to a foreign branch and puffing up with self-pride I’d seen something so different…

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  3. Well that was a mix of pleasant and unpleasant experiences. So sorry about the surgery. I hope you are getting more relief now on recovery. Yes covid certainly has wrecked employment and family relationships. Glad you were finally able to reconnect with your family.

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      1. Where we go to Florida is near the Beach- so each time my family ends up in FL, usually that means days at the beach. While I am not a beach person, still don’t mind beach walks to find sea glass


        1. I like to gather unusual rocks and sea glass. The ocean sounds of waves and air and birds lull me instantly. I’m a rather uptight-neurotic-nervous kind of gal, so the ocean does the trick!


  4. Hope you’re healing well after the surgery. It must be quite a tonic being able to catch up with family and visit some beautiful places. Great pics and making me yearn for the West Coast – planning on heading back out in spring 2023, which is a loooong way off. Enjoy the rest of the summer before school starts and hope you achieve your writing goal for that extra chapter.

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    1. Hi Sarah,
      Dear friend! Thank you. Tonic is the perfect word. I felt no pain worth complaining about when 2 out of 3 children were beside me. So rare to get adult childen into the same room with you. πŸ˜‰

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      1. Like herding cats! It looks as if you’ve had a wonderful time and a summer well spent. I am quite envious. I see my son in 2 weeks – he lives about 4 hours away (and you know what a 4 hour journey is like on British roads I’m sure).


  5. So happy that you have been able to reconnect with those you love…and I posted about that Grand Canyon train from Williams, which is so much fun! You’ve been on a number of terrific adventures to help you recharge for the fall ahead!

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    1. Hi John,
      Yes, I remember your train posts and your trip to the Grand Canyon. You know what a cool trip it is. It’s always fun to revisit “the same old places” that become the norm with those on the other side of the country who have never been out to the SW before. They remind me of that awesome expression one gets when seeing a place for the first time.

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  6. Those trips and locations look great from where I sit, here in Beetley. We had four nights away last week, visiting friends and family to the south. Nice to see them after eighteen months.
    Hope your surgery heals soon, and you enjoy being back in the saddle at school next week.
    Best wishes as always, Pete. x

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    1. Hi Oete. Oh, I am so glad you were able to get away!
      My Mom’s first year passing is next Friday. The past two years have aged me. Body and soul.
      I am ready to resume a new school year. My only goal is to have fun with them.

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      1. In my experience, the ageing process comes on fast. The last six months I can really feel it, and also see it in Ollie. We are growing old together, man and dog. x


  7. Hope you are well and on the mend now Cindy. Must’ve been great to see all your family for a catch up after all that time. The AZ train ride to the Grand Canyon sounds wonderful. I love travelling by train. COVID restrictions are easing here in UK more now so its been lovely to see family and friends again as well.

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  8. Sorry to hear about your operation. I hope the pain is now a bad memory!
    Everyone needs a vacation, there’s the rest of the year for work. Yours looks filled with fun, family and traveling – wo could ask for more?!
    Glad to be home?

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  9. It is nice to see such lovely pictures of you with your family and Jim’s daughter and grandchild. Last year we also did a few shorter trips during the summer instead of one long holiday. It was fun and we saw some new and interesting local places. We are planning a short get-away during the second half of August and a longer holiday in December. It will still be local.

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  10. Good to hear from you again, Cindy. I hope all is well with your shoulder now. The train ride Williams-Grand Canyon and Montezumas castle are familiar. We enjoyed both a lot.
    Here, we are travelling some again, mostly short two or three day trips. But we did go to California a few weeks ago, to visit with Mary’s children, which she hadn’t seen for nearly two years. We enjoyed that trip.
    Take care, and stay healthy,

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