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One-Shot Wednesday: Oak Creek Drive

Oak Creek Canyon Scenic Drive (Rte. 89A) is a 24-mile drive between Flagstaff and Sedona. From Flagstaff, take I-17 South to Highway 89A. The breathtaking road descends 4,500 feet from the top of the Mogollon Rim, winding through sandstone canyons and rock formations around every curve. Wikipedia

I drove to Flagstaff and took the scenic route. This picture is at the top of the canyon facing back to Sedona. Such a lovely area. During the week, there are few tourists, and a driver can escape into nature and enjoy the ride.

21 thoughts on “One-Shot Wednesday: Oak Creek Drive”

    1. You’re welcome, Don. Funny when you live here you drive it all the time and never think to take a picture. Now that I’m moving to Virginia at the end of May, I find myself nostalgic and saying goodbye to the region’s beauty.

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  1. It’s a really gorgeous scenery there. I’ve been through Oak Creek Canyon twice: once on a coach from Sedona to Flagstaff on our visit to the Grand Canyon, and once, after our stay in Sedona, on our way from there to Las Vegas via Flagstaff and – partially – Route 66. At that time we stopped for some pictures at the Oak Creek Vista.
    See my blogpost from that day here:

    Southwest 2019: Through Oak Creek Canyon and Via Route 66 to Las Vegas

    I still remember that scenery and would love to see it again and drive through the canyon with a video camera on the dashboard.


          1. In my biased opinion, Colombia should be a tourist meccha of the world, but of course due to security reasons many parts are off-limits because of socialist inssurrections.
            I also hope you get to visit here one day.
            My kids and I hold Australian citizenships so we will most likely visit the US in the not to distant future since we don’t need a visa.

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