1 Shot Wednesday: Fog in the Valley

Five Balloons

Rain and cool temps caused the clouds to drop this morning creating unique layers and a dreamy landscape. I wish I was one of the riders in the balloons. I can only imagine the stupendous view.

41 thoughts on “1 Shot Wednesday: Fog in the Valley

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  1. If anyone needs their wanderlust awoken, this (yes, dreamy!) photo will do the trick: it awakens not only the senses, but the imagination, and floods one with desire to explore a la “there and back again”! Thank you for this awakening!

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  2. I can remember my visits to my daughter in Napa Valley and heading back to San Francisco in the early morning with hundreds of those colorful balloons up in the air and wishing I had the time to join them up there.

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  3. Cool shot. I wonder about the sensation in a balloon. I’ve been in planes since I was 6 months old. I have jumped off planes with a parachute, but I’m not sure I would like the balloon sensation. Who knows?


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