5 Shots: Briar Patch Inn on Oak Creek

My daughter wanted to celebrate us for an early Mother’s Day occasion. Since we are moving out of the area soon, she surprised me with a royal treat. She works as an innkeeper at a Sedona cabin resort. She was compted a free cabin which sits literally over Oak Creek, a raging river that flows from Flagstaff down through the Red Rock region.
Surrounded by the Red Rocks, Oak Creek entertains millions of tourists each year. The resort is private and utterly relaxing.
The cabin’s private balcony affords guests an intimate view.
Guests on the property gather for breakfast and conversation.
Our cabin had a fireplace on the patio. I worry and think too much, yes?
Vanessa’s gift included an outside, private massage next to Oak Creek. My masseuse, Michelle, worked out all the kinks caused by moving.
Mother and Daughter
Leaning over the balcony, this was our view.

The twenty-four-hour escapade was just what I needed. Breakfast was served to us in a basket with muffins, oatmeal, fruit, egg quiche, and coffee. The resort is a bubble world of tranquility. It’s where you should stay if you dislike overtourism. https://briarpatchinn.com/

Vanessa and I are close. Strange we never thought to have a mini-holiday together. We vow to do this every year before Mother’s Day.

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  1. Happy Mother’s Day, Cindy! You and your daughter are so adorable, looks like you have such a fun time together. Wow, what a beautiful cabin, looks serene and relaxing too, love that water view and the fireplace by the patio. We might check it out next time we’re in Sedona.


          1. Oh I just got real busy I guess with work. I joined the State Emergency Services here in Queensland as well and that has taken up some of my time. I still write. I still have a post drafted. The COVID posts take a long time because you have to summarise the news you link to. I do intend to finish that. My hope is it will become less a part of the blog but the intent is to record history as I witnessed it so I want to capture the news of the day but it is draining in a way that covering attendance at a film festival is not. We’ll see. But I do miss the community if you will. That is why it was nice to pop in. 🙂

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