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5 Shots: Kruger National Park, South Africa

According to Google, the Kruger is 7,523 mi²  and about the size of Israel, slightly smaller than Belgium, and about a third of the size of Ireland.

Baie Dankie (Buy a donkey=thank you) for our personal safari. Hosted by Hein, our Afrikaner son, and daughter Ronna, it will be unnecessary to visit a zoo anytime soon. No sightings of lions or rhinos, but plenty of other wild animals to ooh and aah over. Here are several shots of what we saw in the Kruger last week. Which one do you like best?

Blue Wildebeest
The extremely shy Wild Dog–Hein said this was a rare treat to see a pack of them.
Zebra up close
Young Elephant
a herd of Elephants
Try zeroing on the leopard.
One of the Big Five–Cape Buffalo
Wazu, the Yellow-billed hornbill
a pair of Guinea fowl
Mama Baboon nurse feeding
We spent ten hours in the Kruger traversing many roads quite happy with all that we saw. It would take weeks to explore the whole area. Have you been?

46 thoughts on “5 Shots: Kruger National Park, South Africa”

  1. I would say the wild dogs are the bonus shot. I have been to Kenya, and didn’t see any.
    Wart Hogs are my favourite African wildlife though. I loved their ‘attitude’. Fearless!
    Best wishes, Pete. x

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      1. When we were in S. Africa, Andrew and I were chased by warthogs. They were digging outside our hut and ee spooked them when we started walking to dinner. Must have been a comical sight to our travel mates, but my heart was pounding

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        1. I bet! Sounds like Javelina in AZ. They can be aggressive. I am sure the chase was scary. We had plans to stay overnight out in the wild, but the company closed due to covid.


  2. Wild dogs are apparently the most efficient prey animals with a kill rate of 97%. Is there a leopard hiding away in the photograph of the Cape Buffalo (on the right, in the background) ?


    1. Hi GP! Thanks for asking — honestly, my age is catching up with me. 10 years ago I could do it all – jobs, family, writing books and maintaining a blog regularly. Now I can hardly make it to 7pm without wanting to sleep. HA!
      I am fine. I miss blogging, too.
      I miss the novel, too.
      I have so much to say!

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