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Hi there. I teach English, History, and German courses at the secondary and collegiate levels. My home state is Illinois, but I have traveled and lived all over the place. I am a Navy Veteran and was fortunate enough to have been stationed in Scotland for four years in the 80s. Fast forward–I started college late at age 30 and now have a few expensive pieces of paper to show for myself. I’ll be paying back student loans until I’m 63. Ha! How brilliant is that?

I wrote a historical novel set in 1900. It would be great if you decided to buy The Knife with the Ivory Handle on Kindle or Amazon HERE. Meet the characters in “Inside the Gold Plated Pistol” in the tab above. My goal is to write a series of novellas that captures the historical climate of Americans in the 20th century.

Check out the second novel set in 1928 called Inside the Gold-Plated Pistol.

I enjoy sharing my photography when I travel. I annually escort students, adults, and families to Europe and beyond. Jim and I like to explore the Southwest; you will frequently see our hiking/camping trips posted.

Movies have been a part of my entire life. I like to write about films, the stars, and the way directors make movies. If you are willing and able, check-in on the 13th of the month to participate in a discussion about the film industry. Would you like to be a co-host? Wonderful! Let’s talk.

I have many interests but consider watching movies, writing, blogging, reading, photography, and shooting pool favorite ways to occupy my time.


Have a great day,  CB

P.S. I use my own photographs whenever possible and do my best not infringe on anyone’s toes. I will use IMDb for the details about my film posts. The analysis is all me.

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  1. I used to teach as an adjunct English faculty member at several different universities, and when I read this “I have many interests but consider watching movies, blogging, reading, traveling, hiking, photography, writing, and shooting pool favorite ways to occupy my time,” I thought you were talking about me rather than yourself.

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    1. Richard, I did. It takes time to get used to the limited camera work. On one hand, I wanted the camera to pan out to include his surrounds. On the other, I thought it highly effective that the horrors of the gas chamber/crematorium were distinctly out of focus. The contrast between horror and beauty appealed to me greatly. That is, Saul’s desperate attempt to regain his humanity by saving the life of the boy was exquisite. I loved the ambiguous ending when he smiles at the end facing the German boy. Three cheers to Hungarian director, László Nemes.


          1. Your students might find it useful to understand the power of long-take hand held camerawork. It creates in the viewer a claustrophobic frustration at not being able to see. Its disempowering and fear-inducing. Given the aims of the filmmaker, these are emotional and physiological reactions that help carry the narrative of horror.


  2. I look forward to reading your blog. I am just getting started here. I am also a Navy veteran, started college full time at age 39, and actually started this blog as part of my multimedia storytelling class, but I think I will keep it up long after the class is over. The blog is about women veterans. Like I said, I look forward to reading your blog as well. I love movies. My honors paper is about women in Hollywood.

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        1. Sometimes I go through my reader and unfollow those who aren’t interested in my blog after I have commented over and over. I assume it is not a good fit, no hard,feelings. That is not yoy, though. I just accidently pressed the bottom but must have been distracted. Anyway,


  3. Hi Cindy,
    So I was thinking about North by Northwest and there are 3 things that I find fascinating about it: 1. The fashion 2. The title “North by Northwest”? What does it mean? 3. The scene at Mt. Rushmore. Where did that come from? And here’s another thing: The sexual banter between the two leads. Very racy for the time. So there’s four things that stand out to me. I would be happy to do a post with any one of those topics as theme or a combination of thereof.
    What do you think?


  4. Hola Cindy, On reading about you and you tastes/pastmes, etc.,I see we speak the same language! I used to dance when young and love musicals, especially Gene Kelly…Alongside “Oliver,” “West Side” is my favourite movie. You’ve certainly had an interesting, helpful, life – long may that be.

    I am hooked on Jewish humour, and have been married to a lovely, enigmatic…Jewish man for many decades. Sounds as though you have a health issue, so I do hope you are in a better place in that respect. Good health is so important and I wish you well. Your books sound in intriguing – I must check them out.Do keep in touch. Cheers.

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    1. Hi Joy! Welcome. Thanks for stopping by. I am glad to have found a blogging friend who shares similar interests with me. Do you like the series, “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel”? I adore it.


  5. Best of luck with your book! Great covers.

    I, as well, love to incorporate historical content into my novellas as well. So much fun trippin’ back in time.


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