Hi there. I teach AP  US/World History, Holocaust Studies as well as community college Humanities courses. My home state is Illinois, but I have traveled and lived all over the place. I am a Navy Veteran and was fortunate enough to have been stationed in Scotland for four years in the 80s. Fast forward–I started college late at age 30 and now have a few expensive pieces of paper to show for myself. I’ll be paying back student loans until I’m 70. Ha! How brilliant is that?


I wrote a historical novel set in 1900. It would be great if you decided to buy The Knife with the Ivory Handle on Kindle or Amazon HERE.

Every month, I will announce a film, varying the genre. If you are willing and able, watch/re-watch with a fresh pair of eyes. On the 13th, visiting guests offer a focused opinion about an aspect of the film as a conversation starter. Please, join the discussion. Would you like to be a visiting guest? Wonderful!


I have many interests but consider watching movies, blogging, reading, traveling, hiking, photography, writing, and shooting pool favorite ways to occupy my time.

Have a great day,  CB

P.S. I use Google images and IMDb for the details about my film posts. The analysis is all me.