5 Shots: Misty Walk

Hurricane Ian spread his residule rain and high winds up the East coast keeping many inside this weekend. My prayers to those who suffer in Florida. In Virginia, at the Blue Ridge Mountains, powerlines and trees snapped around our county. We needed to stretch and get out of the house. Here are five shots of yesterday’s misty afternoon walk at the Peaks of Otter.

Misty Path

Jim fishes while Ruby swims.
Winter Berry
Polly’s Log Cabin — a 1700s wayfarer pitstop
We are located at #13
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5 Shots: Acclimating to Virginia

We have lived in Bedford, Virginia for several months. Trying to set up a home, receive family, and begin a new job has me in a flurry, but I am happy we moved. Here are a few shots from the summer to last weekend to give you an idea of what’s up in my corner of the world.

Central Virginia has a plethora of vineyards to explore.
Ruby loves the grass — can’t do this in Arizona! The Peaks of Otter are part of the Blue Ridge Mountains and Parkway 10 minutes from home. Stay tuned for leafing shots. Fall has just begun.
winding roads with hills and endless creeks
Exploring the history–Appomattox Court House is forty-five minutes away.
Our backyard with new pionies and a Maple tree with cows in the back pasture.
Besides grass, trees, water, and the Blue Ridge Mountains, we moved to be around the new wave of grandchildren.
Smith Mountain Lake — Summer days on a pontoon boat. Awesome.

Now that I’ve settled into my new high school and feel a rhythm of routine, I hope I can resume blogging on a more regular basis.