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Five Shots: Driving by Sedona, AZ

If you have not already, consider driving on Rt. 89A from Flagstaff to Sedona through Oak Creek Canyon. It would alleviate anyone’s stress. Maybe because the speed limit is 25mph, you have time to look out the window as you catch one breathtaking view… Continue Reading “Five Shots: Driving by Sedona, AZ”

Five Shots: Here Comes the Sun

I have the day off today and couldn’t sleep in. I love that first cup of strong coffee. Here’s my favorite Beatle and five shots of my sunrise for you. Have a great weekend!

Five Shots: Backyard Drama

Tonight a lightning storm came through the valley in AZ, and I took these shots looking out out my backyard toward Sycamore Canyon. It’s hard to capture lightning! Which one do you like most?