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1 Shot Wednesday: Flamingo

  Yesterday, I escorted forty students to the Phoenix Zoo, appreciative to be out of the classroom for the day. We strolled around the paths under sunny skies in 70-degree weather. Say what you want about Phoenix’s hot summers, the best time to visit… Continue Reading “1 Shot Wednesday: Flamingo”

1 Shot Wednesday: Shark

Alone in the dark corridor staring through glass, I tried to take a clear shot but steady hands tremored as he drew near. The teal glow stained his rows of teeth as I stifled my gasp. My eyes widened at the purposeful sway of… Continue Reading “1 Shot Wednesday: Shark”

1 Shot Wednesday: Winter Hike

I love winter hikes after a dusting. The air is crisp, the skies are brilliant, and the snow adds a dimension not seen on regular days during the year. This is Fay Canyon, Sedona.