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Lucky 13 Film Club February Topic

The Revenant sparked up many discussions on January the 13th. I thank everyone who stopped by to take part. What you missed it? No worries, check out the day’s conversation and add to the . Thank you, Tom at digitalshortbread, for co-hosting. For February 13,… Continue Reading “Lucky 13 Film Club February Topic”

Colin Firth and the Strategy of Actors

Colin Firth is a British actor I never tire watching even if his films are tiresome. His vulnerable, winning portrayals are due to his inquisitive eyes, expressive facial features, and an overall countenance that is understated yet pervasive. His gift combines the trials of… Continue Reading “Colin Firth and the Strategy of Actors”

Robin Williams

Fast-talking and frenetic, his delivery and ad-libbing was pure genius. That type of comedy is hard to pull off, but what lingers in my heart were the characters he played in his more serious roles. Robin was smart, wise, and sardonic. His thought-provoking monologues… Continue Reading “Robin Williams”