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Dear Bill Murray,

What I admire about you is your ability to evolve. I’ve watched you since Saturday Night Live from the 70s and at 63, you are still funny. Bill, you’ve managed to do it all from stupid comedy like Caddyshack to drama like Hyde Park… Continue Reading “Dear Bill Murray,”

The History of Comedy

  Comedy is a generational concept and an evolutionary process that is ever-changing and yet, slapstick is still slapstick. Comedy, whether in film, the radio, or television depends on “pushing the envelope”. In the beginning of film, slapstick and zany situations were all that… Continue Reading “The History of Comedy”

Stupid Comedy

Stupid comedy is just that, stupid.  I am embarrassed how easily I cry watching a drama but getting me to laugh at a comedy is difficult. What kind of comedy do you lean toward? Slap-stick, raunchy, witty, zany, sarcastic, dark, or stupid? It has… Continue Reading “Stupid Comedy”