Five Shots: Clouds on the Rim

Some of our visiting family have never been to Eastern Arizona. Most people assume Arizona looks like the Phoenix landscape.  90 miles north, the Mogollon Rim is one of my favorite spots in this diverse state. Arizona ranks 6th in size among the 50 states. The total area of Arizona is 114,000 sq mi (295,260 sq km), of which land takes up 113,508 sq mi (293,986 sq km) and inland water 492 sq mi (1,274 sq km).  Here are some shots I took kayaking and hiking around the rim. The clouds were colossal. Which photo do you like best?

Bright Blue Sky
Kayaking on Woods Canyon Lake
Soft Reflection
Shore Line
Creeping Clouds
Far Side of the Lake
At the Edge
The Mogollon Rim

Five Shots: OBX

Kill Devil Hills Beach

North Carolina’s Outer Banks (OBX) has a history of pirates and lighthouses, THE LOST COLONY OF ROANOKE, and the location of Orville and Wilbur Wright’s famous first flight in 1903. Check out this CBS Sunday Morning video about historian David McCullough’s book, The Wright Brothers. (A great read).

On the OBX you will discover sand dunes and wild horses and your eyes will fill with brown sugar beaches and water–the Pamlico Sound on the west side and the Atlantic Ocean on the east side. In addition to the history, add Southern hospitality and all the seafood you can eat. The warm breezes and the chilly Atlantic relaxed us beyond measure. Jim and I attended a special wedding at sunset on the beach when the waves turned into silver and the tall grass on the dunes waved under the pink sunset. Living in the desert, the water was therapeutic for us. We were only there for a few days, but in my mind, I’m already planning to rent a house and have a full family vacation at the OBX in the future. But for now, it was a welcome retreat and an opportunity to rejoice in an intimate family celebration.  Which shot do you like best?

Fish Enchiladas at Bernie’s
Kill Devil Hills looking North
Pamlico Sound Tiki Bar at Duck

Pamlico Sound house pier
Bodie Lighthouse
View at the top
Looking down nine floors

Oregon Inlet fishing station. Today’s catch.
Waves at Rodanthe
Sunset over Pamlico Sound
Supper’s Ready
The bride and groom and the proud witnesses



Five Shots: Full Moon over the Sycamore Canyon

This afternoon my family and I headed out to the ridge overlooking the Sycamore Canyon. It was 80 degrees and the breeze delightful. We watched the cows roam and the full moon rise. Which one do you like best?  

1. Roaming Cows at the Base of the Red Rocks
2. Sycamore Canyon Facing South West
3. Til the Cows Come Home
4. Green Mound

5. Shadows Over the Canyon

6. Full Moon
7. Full Moon Rising

Five Shots: Aspen Leafing

Yesterday we spent the day surrounded by golds and blues in Coconino National Forest. Here are five shots plus a few extra taken at Hart Prairie, Flagstaff, AZ. Which one do you like best?

1. Kendrick Peak in the distance
2. Looking Up at the Mighty
3. Mt. Humphrey, one of the San Francisco Peaks
4. A clone of Quaking Aspens
5. My kind of yellow brick road
6. Zapped ferns, trunks, and gold confetti
6. Fall hikers
7. Hart Prairie
8. One
The Path of Least Resistance
9. The path of least resistance


Five Shots: Waiting for the Milky Way

Plateau Looking NE at the Sycamore Wilderness
Plateau Looking NE at the Sycamore Wilderness

Squeezing in a Friday night escapade, we opted to drive east to the closest plateau which separates the Verde Valley from Sedona. Up on the ridge, the Red Rocks emerge and the sky is free from light pollution. When was the last time I saw the Milky Way? Way too long.

Lighting a fire and waiting for the sun to set.
The Sycamore Wilderness to ourselves
Fall Flowers


Getting ready to roast hot dogs.
There’s wisdom in a beer bottle around a campfire.
Stories told and stars explode.
Burning Embers

I don’t have the equipment to capture the brilliance of the Milky Way as we lay back and pointed out the constellations, but our minds stilled while our eyes drank it all in. It was a perfect evening and way to end the work week.  Which one do you like?

Five Shots: Hiking Shots

It’s been 4.5 years since I moved to Arizona from Virginia. I hungrily hiked and explored the state back then. Now, my camera is broken, and it has been weeks since my last hike. I reminisced through my gallery of hiking shots and pulled out some of my favorites. I love being outdoors–the higher the altitude, the space away from people, and wallowing in the silence is when I feel at peace no matter the season. I wouldn’t be so adventurous without Jim. Bear, my trusty German Shepherd, helps keep me safe, too. So here are a dozen shots from our explorations. Which photo do you like the best? 

DSC02339 - Copy
1. Mountain lake
2. Setting Sun Slaps the Bluff
3. Sunrise
4. Cactus Pear
5. Tuzigoot Monument in the Snow
6. Fall Maples in Oak Creek Canyon
7. On top of Mingus Mountain
8. I caught a lightning bolt!
9. Wild Mountain Iris
10. Hart Prairie
11. Sun Setting on a Mogollon Rim Lake
12. Hiking through Sycamore Canyon Wilderness

If you had one hike today, if you could jump into a photograph, which one appeals to you? 

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