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Red Rocks, Valleys & Writing

It’s 1928, and fictional characters Kay, the Hopi Indian, along with Sally and George are included in a gentleman’s exploration of Sycamore Canyon with a band of real-life characters.      Sally sat on a tall, blonde horse next to the others and tried… Continue Reading “Red Rocks, Valleys & Writing”

Photographer Edward Curtis and Indian Uses of Desert Plants in Arizona

I haven’t posted about my novel for a while and thought I’d give you an update. I made a lot of progress last summer but when the school year resumed, I become inundated with responsibilities and lacked that long-ago ambition to get up before the… Continue Reading “Photographer Edward Curtis and Indian Uses of Desert Plants in Arizona”

George and the Opium Den

The month of February was a blur of moving and working. And writing. I’ve been concentrating on writing creatively rather than creating blog posts about films. Also, I haven’t gone anywhere to share any photo shots. For now, I just want to keep working… Continue Reading “George and the Opium Den”