1 Shot Wednesday: Jurassic Park Na Pali Coast

Jurassic Park Na Pali Coast

The guide on our boat tour said this was the fourth most popular photographed spot in the world. (Makes me wonder what the other three might be?) The Na Pali Coastline is home to many movie locations including Jurassic Park and King Kong (1976).

I know it’s corny, but one reason Kauai was on my bucket list was because of this scene.

If you would like to see a professional video of the famous Na Pali coast, check this out.


Five Shots: Kauai

Jim and I are on our first year anniversary trip. Here are five quick shots taken today. I will share more next week when we return. Aloha!

Exploring the north side. Kauai is the oldest island of the Hawaiian chain. It is rural and the least commercialized.

View from our balcony.

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