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1967: Paul Newman and Cool Hand Luke

1967 was a colossal year for films. Seemed like everyone great was in an important film. How many of these classics have you seen? The Graduate, Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner, In the Heat of the Night, The Dirty Dozen, In Cold Blood, Bonnie… Continue Reading “1967: Paul Newman and Cool Hand Luke”

Book Review and Film Versions of Jane Eyre

Every ten years or so, there arrives a new version of the Charlotte Brontë classic, Jane Eyre. If I see the film and Jane is pretty, I’m immediately repulsed because a major theme of the story is whether the measurement of beauty is external… Continue Reading “Book Review and Film Versions of Jane Eyre”

Ingrid Bergman and Hitchcock

I have seen more Ingrid Bergman films lately than I’ve seen in a decade.  Everyone knows the dewy-eyed beauty opposite Humphrey Bogart in Casablanca. It’s been one of top ten, beloved films for almost seventy years. Every aspect for why one loves films, whether for… Continue Reading “Ingrid Bergman and Hitchcock”