1 Shot Wednesday

Big Lake/Three Forks

Late May, 2016. It was brisk and sunny when we explored the White Mountains in the Apache-Sitgreaves National Forest on the eastern side of Arizona. Jim and I rented a cabin next to a lodge in the village of Alpine. Up we aimed to mountain lakes to fish and kayak. While there was no precipice to remind us how high up we were, wandering on the windy mountain top with the expansive sky pressing down on my shoulders had me feeling free as a bird.

White Mountains, AZ



1 Shot Wednesday

January 10, 2015

I was rummaging through a draw this morning and found a memory card. Sticking it in my computer, I uploaded over 800 pictures from a two month period in 2015. Isn’t it funny when you move to a new area, you are in a tourist mindset and take pictures of every bush, every corner of your surroundings? Now four years later, I hardly take 100 pictures a year of my corner of the world.

Here’s one of a Sedona rock formation. The family visited from out of state, and we took them out on a winter hike. Want perspective? Look closely at the bottom center of the photo, and you can see our friend who found a path of his own.

Winter Hike
Winter Hike in Sedona

1 Shot Wednesday

A magical rainbow mates with a mystical ruin. 

Sitting on a hill in the Verde Valley, Arizona, the Tuzigoot Monument is a pueblo made by the descendants of the Hopi Indians, the Sinagua people circa 1500. The mound was discovered and unearthed in 1933-35 with funds from the WPA and CVA during the Depression. Franklin D. Roosevelt made it a National Monument in 1939. You can read more about the park found HERE. I took this picture in February 2015. That pot of gold is right behind the mesquite bushes.

Rainbow over Tuzigoot


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