Five Shots: The Colors of Southern Italy

Here is the final post of miscellaneous shots when our traveling group visited Southern Italy a few weeks ago. I loved the colors of Italy most of all. Did you miss the trip? Here are the other posts:  SORRENTO, CAPRI,  and ROME.

The Streets of Pompeii
Eruption Mt. Vesuvius, Aug, 79
When it blew, 20 feet of ash suffocated the residents.
Lemons and Oranges
Hydrangeas–my favorites.
pomegranate in the making
Tyrrhenian Sea
The Green Door
Bougainvillea and Spears
Emerald Grotto, Capri
Capri Blue
Punta Carena Lighthouse, Capri

Which one do you like best?



Five Shots: Capri

The Island of Capri is made of volcanic and limestone rock. It’s the limestone underneath the pristine water that reflects the sunlight to create emerald and cerulean hues that draw thousands of tourists each year. Our group spent an idyllic day wandering around the streets and encircling the island. Here are a few of my favorite shots. Which one do you like best? 

1. Capri Doors Up Ahead
1. Mt. Vesuvius from Capri
2. Afternoon stroll
3. Rooftops
4. Look at those lemons.
5. Boat ride
6. Doors
7. Looking through the doorway.
Cerulean blue
In search of grottos

Five Shots: Sorrento, Italy

Our group just got back today from traveling to southern Italy. What a fabulous time! My favorite leg was in Sorrento. The flowers, the water, the homes, and the food captivated everyone. We learned about something special in the mornings. Then we napped or swam at the hotel pool in the afternoon and went out at night. Here are a few of my favorite shots.

1. Clifftop at dusk
2. Hydrangeas
3. Home by the Sea
4. Pink Hotel
5. Sunset
6. Fish and Ravioli
7. Mt. Vesuvius
8. Harbor at Night

Which one do you like best?

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