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5 Shots: Cerritos Beach, part 2

Get a lesson and try your hand at surfing.
Misty morning
Searching for sea shells
Pink Lady
Green fishing waters, Sea of Cortez.
Nachos, cervases, y olas del mar — excelente!
The Dude abides
At the pool
Cerritos Beach — bye until next June

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5 Shots: Cerritos Beach, Baja California, Mexico

Celebrating our third year anniversary, Jim and I went to the outskirts of Todos Santos on the Pacific Ocean. We stayed at a resort which had the stuff I like–pools, gardens, swim-up bar, spa, must-be-on-the-beach accommodations. But, it also had that glamping vibe, that is, we stayed in a Palapa hut watching and chatting with resident “beach bum”surfers and the locals who paraded up the beach trying to sell you a hat. Our conciergie steered us in the right direction for authentic street tacos and sublime Mexican meals. Going to sleep to the sound of the waves is the craving that propels me to take on odd jobs to afford going in the first place. Which shot do you like the best?

A Room with a View
Hacienda Cerritos Hotel on the cliff of Cerritos Beach
10 ft. wave
Tidal Pool
Green Moss
Deep Sea Fishing, Sea of Cortez, Rooster Fish
Red Snapper
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One Shot Wednesday: Cold Mountain

Blue Ridge Mountains, Virgina

We recently returned from a visit to see family in Staunton, Virgina in the Shenandoah Valley. Allegheny Mountains to the west, and Blue Ridge Mountains to the east, the 140 mile (225km) valley is one of the prettiest drives in the country. Here was our view one morning. By the way, one of my favorite films, Cold Mountain (2003) was filmed in Virginia, not North Carolina.