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IMO: Baby Talk and the Passage of Time

Fellow blogger, South African/Londoner,  ABBI O,  chronicled her thoughts of pregnancy; when “Little O” was born, Abbi continued her posts about the life-change, documenting her thoughts of motherhood and the demands of her now five-month-old son. Not only does her dry wit make me…

Rows Found at a San Antonio Wedding

Texas hospitality greeted me at the Don Strange Ranch outside of San Antonio.     My son and daughter-in-law got hitched in style.    While I walked around the grounds, the renovated barn and outbuildings supplied rows of this-and-that everywhere.   Posts and antique…

To Everything, There is a Season

Future pianist?? “The attempt at creating positive memories for the duration of your child’s life.”  That pretty much sums up the definition of a parent. Today I am reminded, in the simplest terms, life is simply about endings and beginnings and the transitions therein….