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“For my ally is the Force” – Yoda

This year, I am assigned to teach World History to 120 shiny, freshman fourteen year-olds.  Imagine my dismay when I polled my classes and most all of them had not seen any Star Wars? I’m still reeling five years ago when I conducted a… Continue Reading ““For my ally is the Force” – Yoda”

Poetry in Lyrics: a pair from DMB

Boyd Tinsley, Dave Matthews, Carter Beauford, Stephen Lesard, LeRoi Moore–Tim Reynolds, lead guitar There are three types of people when it comes to listening to songs. Type one hears the voice, the instruments, the melody, and refrain. Type two knows all the lyrics and their favorite… Continue Reading “Poetry in Lyrics: a pair from DMB”

Greece, Part II: Haviaras Book Review and Athens

I escorted a group to Athens/Aegean cruise in 2002. When we arrived in Athens, we stayed at a great hotel in the Plaka district where the neighborhood shops and restaurants surrounded us. My room was on the fifth floor. As I stretched out on… Continue Reading “Greece, Part II: Haviaras Book Review and Athens”