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1927: Hollywood, Magazines, Dreamers

Researching Hollywood, Jerome AZ, and Chicago is as fun as creating fictional characters and inserting them into the culture of 1927. Two principal characters are girl friends–one is a Hopi Indian while the other a vaudeville performer. The other two characters are a killer… Continue Reading “1927: Hollywood, Magazines, Dreamers”

Dear Virtual Friends,

It’s time to write that second novel. My first novel set in Illinois, 1900, involves four unique characters whose unlikely friendships draw them toward theft, riot, and murder in a coal-mining town. You can read it on kindle for $3 or buy a hard… Continue Reading “Dear Virtual Friends,”

Hail to the Litvak, the Pole, the Italian

Who’d have thought that boring, North Central Illinois could be so interesting? I sure didn’t. I was working on my Master’s thesis at ISU back in 2004, and when it came time decide on a topic, out of convenience, I decided to research two… Continue Reading “Hail to the Litvak, the Pole, the Italian”