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5 Blockbusters in 2017

I stumbled upon Looper’s “30 Movies That Are Going To Blow Everyone Away in 2017”. Of the 30, only five caught my interest. Blockbusters are tricky. A good one ought to be watched on the big screen, but so few are worth watching in… Continue Reading “5 Blockbusters in 2017”

L13FC: Terry Gilliam’s Trilogy

Welcome one and all as this month’s film discussion centers around writer/director Terry Gilliam and his futuristic trio spread out over thirty years. I am much obliged to share today’s event with Australian movie buff, Jordan at Epilepticmoondancer, who shared his admiration for Brazil(1985),12 Monkeys(1995), and Zero… Continue Reading “L13FC: Terry Gilliam’s Trilogy”

L13FC: Two Sci-Fi Heavyweights

Pete says: I’m afraid you had to be there at the time, to imagine how amazing it looked to a teenager in 1968. Orbiting satellites, strange shapes, and the passing through the Star Gate sequence, very like the psychedelic experiences being experimented by many… Continue Reading “L13FC: Two Sci-Fi Heavyweights”