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There is a side to me that I don’t advertise much but it takes up a lot of my time throughout the year. Come June or July, I show the fruits of my labor with photo posts, but that’s it. More and more often, people have asked me for information about how I travel and what the trips are like for those who do the journey with me. That’s why I created the new tab. What am I talking about?

For the past seventeen years, I have been a tour director. Grandmas and granddaughters. Couples. Families. Brothers. Sisters. High school students. College students. Educational traveling is a lot of fun.

I’m not selling or asking you for anything. This is just an invitation to you to see my new tab on the header of my blog. Click “Travel with Me” and learn more about me and this fab role of mine. 

On Monday, June 18th, a dozen of us are heading to Rome, Pompeii, Sorrento, and Capri. 

My bags are packed and I’m ready to go. Caio! 

My Summer Schedule

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I have secured an editor and will be shipping off “Inside the Gold Plated Pistol” in the middle of July. I am relieved it is about ready for a professional look. I see a light at the end of the tunnel! Take a look at the tab on top of my blog to meet the characters.

Here is what you can expect on my blog this summer:

Soon – a post about Daphne du Maurier, Jamaica Inn, and The Birds.

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June 13 – Pete and I will be co-hosting the Lucky 13 Film Club together. We’ll be looking at the style of Brian DePalma films. Please join us and share your thoughts.

Late June – Back from the annual educational traveling trip. This year I’m revisiting Rome and exploring for the first time, Sorrento, Capri, and Pompeii. Lots of pictures to post!

The rest of the time, I’ll be spit-shining the manuscript. I’ll do my best to visit your posts, but I want to honor my July deadline.


Love & Friendship,


Five Shots: ATV Escapade into Sycamore Canyon

How nice when you meet a local who is also dating your daughter who was willing to share his ATV and his favorite places in our backyard, Sycamore Canyon (21 miles by 7 miles). Thank you, Jared, for being a gracious host. It was the same scenery we were used to but we traveled to different corners and mounds and it felt like a new experience. We wouldn’t have reached many of these locations without the resilient ATV. 

1. On a cloudy warm morning, on the opposite side of the valley, we looked toward the red rocks at the entrance of Sycamore Canyon.
2. On a dirt road getting closer to the unique rock formations.

3. We paused for water. Riding an ATV was loud and bumpy, but the flat spots traveling fast with the wind blowing around you were exhilarating. Being able to ascend and descend 40-degree angles over boulders and misshapen rocks to reach a vista-view was fun.







4. Getting closer to a popular hiking point of entry into Sycamore Canyon with cliffs and watering holes.

5. On top of the gorge looking down to the Verde River. Notice the train tracks to the right.

6. William A. Clark, copper baron, lay his train tracks to ship out his copper. Now a scenic train ride is a popular tourist destination.
7. Up high admiring the green on the Sycamore trees down by the Verde River.
8. Around an impregnable bump in the train’s path.
9. Down at the river, Milly approves of the new campsite at the river’s edge.
10. A good campsite next to the cool river with a swimming hole saved for warmer weather. Perfect!

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