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Mr. Bright Eyes Top Ten

Plato said that the eyes are mirrors to the soul. I’ll assert a movie star’s charisma is in part due to their eyes. Blue eyes? They seem to get the most attention. Here’s my top ten list of actors throughout the decades whose eyes… Continue Reading “Mr. Bright Eyes Top Ten”

1927: Hollywood, Magazines, Dreamers

Researching Hollywood, Jerome AZ, and Chicago is as fun as creating fictional characters and inserting them into the culture of 1927. Two principal characters are girl friends–one is a Hopi Indian while the other a vaudeville performer. The other two characters are a killer… Continue Reading “1927: Hollywood, Magazines, Dreamers”


Please excuse my absence from the blogosphere for awhile. My second novel is screaming for attention. I encourage you to check out my archive for posts you might have missed. Feel free to check out my website  If you have time, I invite… Continue Reading “Intermission”