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1 Shot Wednesday

January 10, 2015

I was rummaging through a draw this morning and found a memory card. Sticking it in my computer, I uploaded over 800 pictures from a two month period in 2015. Isn’t it funny when you move to a new area, you are in a tourist mindset and take pictures of every bush, every corner of your surroundings? Now four years later, I hardly take 100 pictures a year of my corner of the world.

Here’s one of a Sedona rock formation. The family visited from out of state, and we took them out on a winter hike. Want perspective? Look closely at the bottom center of the photo, and you can see our friend who found a path of his own.

Winter Hike
Winter Hike in Sedona
1 Shot Wednesday, photography

1 Shot Wednesday

a flashbulb memory

Regular readers know my photo posts are called 5 Shots, where I select the best shots of an outing and ask you to pick your favorite from the batch. Consequently, there are hundreds of other shots that sit in my computer album having never made the final pick. Singular besties that when I see it months or years later, the picture instantly recalls the place and emotion. My goal for 2019 was to blog more. I thought I’d try a new series where every Wednesday I pick a random picture that functions as a flashbulb memory and share it. I hope you like them.

This one is from a blazing June morning full of the perfume of flowers. I turned a corner on a cobbled street in Capri and walked by a gated entrance to a building. I liked the similarity between the sharp spears and the sharp color of fuschia from the Bougainvillea bush. When I look at this picture, I remember the breeze that wiped my brow from the sea and the buzz of people chatting. Veering away a couple of blocks, the island hushed for me to hear the bee’s buzz, and the vibrant colors intoxicated me.

Bougainvillea Explosion