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Dear Ralph Fiennes,

If I ever have the pleasure to meet you, I promise to address you as “Rafe Fines”. You’ve said, “The process of making a film is a mad lottery. Whenever you get the feeling that you’re making something special, you have to quickly squash… Continue Reading “Dear Ralph Fiennes,”

Mr. Bright Eyes Top Ten

Plato said that the eyes are mirrors to the soul. I’ll assert a movie star’s charisma is in part due to their eyes. Blue eyes? They seem to get the most attention. Here’s my top ten list of actors throughout the decades whose eyes… Continue Reading “Mr. Bright Eyes Top Ten”

What Makes a Great Actor? Ladies First

There are two kinds of actors out there. A great one transforms into a new identity and the other plays one character great. In both categories,  audiences clap, colleagues praise, statues gather dust, and some are knighted as national treasures. I love both types,… Continue Reading “What Makes a Great Actor? Ladies First”