Five Shots: Capri

The Island of Capri is made of volcanic and limestone rock. It’s the limestone underneath the pristine water that reflects the sunlight to create emerald and cerulean hues that draw thousands of tourists each year. Our group spent an idyllic day wandering around the streets and encircling the island. Here are a few of my favorite shots. Which one do you like best? 

1. Capri Doors Up Ahead
1. Mt. Vesuvius from Capri
2. Afternoon stroll
3. Rooftops
4. Look at those lemons.
5. Boat ride
6. Doors
7. Looking through the doorway.
Cerulean blue
In search of grottos

Five Shots: ATV Escapade into Sycamore Canyon

How nice when you meet a local who is also dating your daughter who was willing to share his ATV and his favorite places in our backyard, Sycamore Canyon (21 miles by 7 miles). Thank you, Jared, for being a gracious host. It was the same scenery we were used to but we traveled to different corners and mounds and it felt like a new experience. We wouldn’t have reached many of these locations without the resilient ATV. 

1. On a cloudy warm morning, on the opposite side of the valley, we looked toward the red rocks at the entrance of Sycamore Canyon.
2. On a dirt road getting closer to the unique rock formations.

3. We paused for water. Riding an ATV was loud and bumpy, but the flat spots traveling fast with the wind blowing around you were exhilarating. Being able to ascend and descend 40-degree angles over boulders and misshapen rocks to reach a vista-view was fun.







4. Getting closer to a popular hiking point of entry into Sycamore Canyon with cliffs and watering holes.

5. On top of the gorge looking down to the Verde River. Notice the train tracks to the right.

6. William A. Clark, copper baron, lay his train tracks to ship out his copper. Now a scenic train ride is a popular tourist destination.
7. Up high admiring the green on the Sycamore trees down by the Verde River.
8. Around an impregnable bump in the train’s path.
9. Down at the river, Milly approves of the new campsite at the river’s edge.
10. A good campsite next to the cool river with a swimming hole saved for warmer weather. Perfect!

Five Shots: Hiking Shots

It’s been 4.5 years since I moved to Arizona from Virginia. I hungrily hiked and explored the state back then. Now, my camera is broken, and it has been weeks since my last hike. I reminisced through my gallery of hiking shots and pulled out some of my favorites. I love being outdoors–the higher the altitude, the space away from people, and wallowing in the silence is when I feel at peace no matter the season. I wouldn’t be so adventurous without Jim. Bear, my trusty German Shepherd, helps keep me safe, too. So here are a dozen shots from our explorations. Which photo do you like the best? 

DSC02339 - Copy
1. Mountain lake
2. Setting Sun Slaps the Bluff
3. Sunrise
4. Cactus Pear
5. Tuzigoot Monument in the Snow
6. Fall Maples in Oak Creek Canyon
7. On top of Mingus Mountain
8. I caught a lightning bolt!
9. Wild Mountain Iris
10. Hart Prairie
11. Sun Setting on a Mogollon Rim Lake
12. Hiking through Sycamore Canyon Wilderness

If you had one hike today, if you could jump into a photograph, which one appeals to you? 

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