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Five Shots: Capri

The Island of Capri is made of volcanic and limestone rock. It’s the limestone underneath the pristine water that reflects the sunlight to create emerald and cerulean hues that draw thousands of tourists each year. Our group spent an idyllic day wandering around the… Continue Reading “Five Shots: Capri”

Five Shots: ATV Escapade into Sycamore Canyon

How nice when you meet a local who is also dating your daughter who was willing to share his ATV and his favorite places in our backyard, Sycamore Canyon (21 miles by 7 miles). Thank you, Jared, for being a gracious host. It was… Continue Reading “Five Shots: ATV Escapade into Sycamore Canyon”

Five Shots: Hiking Shots

It’s been 4.5 years since I moved to Arizona from Virginia. I hungrily hiked and explored the state back then. Now, my camera is broken, and it has been weeks since my last hike. I reminisced through my gallery of hiking shots and pulled… Continue Reading “Five Shots: Hiking Shots”