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Five Shots: The Coast of Rhodes

Rhodes, northern beach on the windy, west side. Over 2,000 years ago an earthquake shook and destroyed the ancient wonder of Colossus. I saw this article written in 2015 which claims architects are planning to reconstruct it, 3x larger than the original. You can… Continue Reading “Five Shots: The Coast of Rhodes”

Educational Traveling: Greece

I’ve moved and traveled all my life. Once you get a taste for traveling, staying put in one place is difficult. As a child, we moved and experienced different states like Illinois and Wisconsin and California. I worked full-time at sixteen and paid for my… Continue Reading “Educational Traveling: Greece”

More White Mountains

Here are pictures from last weekend’s getaway to the White Mountains in eastern Arizona where we aimed for water, mountains, and open spaces for camping. At 9,000 feet, the Elk were everywhere. Herds cross the road, and at night, their bugling is a treat. Mountain Goats… Continue Reading “More White Mountains”