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L13FC: U.S. Civil War Films

Welcome guests, and my co-host Pete from England, who has a genre passion for the U.S. Civil War. “I claim to have seen almost all of them during my 64 years such as Buster Keaton’s The General(1926), Gone With The Wind (1939), The Red Badge… Continue Reading “L13FC: U.S. Civil War Films”

Ang Lee’s Upcoming Military Drama

Thanks again, Stu, at Popcorn Nights for starting off the conversation regarding Ang Lee on the 13th and to all who stopped by to comment. I learned more about Lee because your ideas and insights had me thinking. What? You missed out? That’s okay, contribute… Continue Reading “Ang Lee’s Upcoming Military Drama”

Ang Lee stars in the Lucky 13 Film Club

Welcome Stu from Popcorn Nights for helping me host December’s topic, the filmography of Ang Lee. Stu says:  I’m going to begin, in typical English fashion, by making an apology: I’m about to write about Ang Lee but there are seven films of his that… Continue Reading “Ang Lee stars in the Lucky 13 Film Club”