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Are you not entertained? Chekhov

Anton Chekhov‘s characters suffer. They lament because life is a waste, or they suffer from the sharp blade of unrequited love. Life is a jail sentence, and each stage is a desperate attempt at happiness that rarely endures. Here’s an excerpt from one of my… Continue Reading “Are you not entertained? Chekhov”

Are You Not Entertained? A Pair of Movies and a Book

Here are a couple of movies and a recent book I can recommend to you. You go right ahead and dislike Tom Cruise. Even if you sit in that camp, surely you can admire the star for performing his own stunts? What an exhilarating… Continue Reading “Are You Not Entertained? A Pair of Movies and a Book”

Are You Not Entertained?

Here begins a new monthly series of the music, books, and films I’ve watched. The Best I’ve Heard  During my life, I have wished several times for Chrissie Hynde‘s voice from The Pretenders. She sounds just as good as she did 30 years ago. Have you… Continue Reading “Are You Not Entertained?”