RIP Bear

With a heavy heart, I regret to post that my walking-buddy for the last seven years was put down yesterday. He had a cancerous tumor that appeared a couple months ago on his shoulder and spread quickly. He was my son’s dog. Too hot in Phoenix and too many hours spent in law school, he asked if I’d watch Bear for him. I live up in Northern Arizona where it is much cooler. I agreed. Best decision of my life.

This morning was my first walk without him, and I must say, I’m beyond dejected.


5 Shots: Monsoon Sunset

This is the best time of year for ascending to the plateau for 360 views of Mingus Mountain to the west and the Sedona Redrocks to the east. Fire, foil dinner, wine, and stars. The perfect Saturday night. Which one do you like best?

Bear and the Red Rocks
Goodnight, sun.
Golden Swollen


1 Shot Wednesday: Clouds of Heaven

Heavenly Sunset

I took this photo of a recent sunset out in Sycamore Canyon Wilderness. The sky was endless. The breeze whispered stories I vaguely remember from my childhood. My last glance at the setting sun compelled me to remember dear ones who have passed before me. When I take my last breath, just over this horizon, this is the way to lost loves and departed family.

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