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1 Shot Wednesday: Green Falls

green falls
Fossil Creek, Pine, Arizona in the Coconino National Forest

Looking through my photo gallery this morning, two dates on November 4th came up — one from 2014 and 2018. Turns out we went exploring to the same place — Fossil Creek, Arizona. Its popularity is growing despite its obscure location. It is worth the forty-five-minute dusty drive into the wilderness. Today, like other beautiful parts of Arizona, you cannot visit unless you’ve reserved your spot. Havasu Falls comes to mind.

Fossil Creek is unique because of its green hue (calcium carbonate dissolved in the water) and series of waterfalls that grow in size as one keeps trekking on the path. The emerald pools are mesmerizing. Can you imagine with the heat of an Arizona day how refreshing it is to go swimming in one? And we did, too. In November, the water was chilly, but standing waist-high in the cool water with the sunshine heat on your back was a great sensory combination.

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1 Shot Wednesday: Trestle Bridge

Verde  Canyon Railroad, Clarkdale, Arizona
Clarkdale, Arizona is 20 minutes outside of Sedona. If you come to visit the infamous ghost town Jerome or stop at Old Town Cottonwood to sample wine or a tasting at a brewery, one popular attraction is to head out into the Sycamore Wilderness Canyon by train. The trestle bridge stops for couples who want to say their marriage vows (Jim and I did this in 2018). It is a unique and relaxing way to see the vast space that North Central Arizona has to offer. 
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Five Shots: A Summer of Driving

Illinois Corn

The COVID summer will be etched forever into my heart as the summer I spent crisscrossing thousands of miles through the interior of America to spend time with my mother who battled cancer and succumbed on Thursday, July 30. Here are a few pictures on the road complete with bug splats and reflections. I never claimed to be a professional photographer. I just like searching for the light. I will be taking some time off from the blog. I’ll be working on novel three and going back to teach at school later this week. Thanks for understanding.

Colorado Plains

Destressing around Zearing Park, IL

Iowa Morning

Nebraska Sunrise

New Mexico Monsoon

Pikes Peak, CO


Monsoon Strike