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1 Shot Wednesday: Frida Kahlo

When a traveling exhibition of Frida Kahlo’s paintings, drawings, and costumes came to Phoenix, it was a no brainer to visit. Do you find wherever you live, you are caught up in the day-day-to-day routine of life? But then someone comes to visit, and you seek out like a tourist entertaining things to do? My Mom came to visit. We both love art and museums. The Phoenix Art Museum has world-class visual arts and impressive traveling exhibits. We had a great morning wandering around the galleries and absorbing the colors and passionate life of Frida Kahlo. I never would have gone to the museum if she hadn’t come to see me.

Frida Kahlo self-portrait, 1943

This particular self-portrait was painted in 1943. I read that she was teaching at that point in Mexico City but her health worsened and she was forced to teach in her home. Her class trickled down to four. The loyal students sat by her bed. It has been suggested that the “Los Fridos” monkeys represent her four students. I like her eyes.


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Birdman and Notions about Art


Morning conversations today linked the creative process with the definition of art whether the medium was painting, dancing, writing, acting, filmmaking, or even blogging. I enjoy movie buff critic, Dave Crewe, who posted a review and grappled with the theme of art in the film Birdman. I encourage you to read Dave Crewe’s review.  Another conversation occurred with Diana who writes on A Holistic Journey where we chatted about the topic of artist as writer. She recited Katharine Hepburn’s quote, “Today everyone is a star – they’re all billed as ‘starring’ or ‘also starring’. In my day, we earned that recognition.”  To which Diana added, “Gee, she’d have a cow if she saw this truism taken over the top in the digital age of self-publishing…and blogging!”

We’re all bloggers of our passions. Our need to create posts and self-express our personalities with hopes an audience will reciprocate with a reaction and the gratification which comes with the exchange suggests we are artists. Who would of thought ten years ago we’d have virtual friends, and we’d be sharing our creative efforts via photographs, stories, and articles? Is blogging a new art form? Maybe Andy Warhol was right when he said, “Art is whatever you can get away with.” 

Oh, too many questions abound. For instance, what is a work of art? A shiny red Porsche convertible? The Taj Mahal? A dress designed by Coco Chanel? Neil Patrick Harris in Hedwig and the Angry Inch? Now consider Edward Norton’s electrifying performance and line by his character Mike Shiner, “popularity is the slutty little cousin of prestige.”  Does art have a hierarchy? Is Citizen Kane better than 12 Years a Slave? Who decides what is art and why are they right? What about blogging–do you feel like an artist? When followers comment, do you feel like you have a platform? Let’s extend this to TED videos, you-tube videos and self-published books.  My friend Diana remarked about the powerful potential of blogging and commented, “A recent guest writer said she felt like a celebrity on my board, amazed at the response.”

If art is about eliciting a response and your efforts have created a discussion, perhaps you have crossed over into the nebulous world of the artist. Finally, are bloggers, self-published authors, unrecognized actors, filmmakers without a screen, painters without a gallery, bottom-feeders?

Birdman has a great shot at winning top awards this season because of the issues raised about popularity vs. prestige. Everyone creates something and everyone needs validation. It’s what humans do best. Create. Birdman is a film one could watch many times and find something new to appreciate. That’s art.