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Witness for the Prosecution (1957)

Agatha Christie (1890–1976) As a British national treasure, this 1920s short story/play eventually became a Billy Wilder film in 1957. Ben Lawrence’s July 2015 article published in The Telegraph  is helpful for those who know little about Agatha Christie‘s sleuths such as the married couple, Tommy… Continue Reading “Witness for the Prosecution (1957)”

Sunset Blvd vs. Stalag 17

Continuing with my winter project to explore the filmography of a film legend I know little about, I selected William Holden. Did you miss the review of the first pairing? You can read The Wildbunch vs. The Man from Colorado  HERE . Arguably William Holden’s two best roles,… Continue Reading “Sunset Blvd vs. Stalag 17”

The History of Comedy

  Comedy is a generational concept and an evolutionary process that is ever-changing and yet, slapstick is still slapstick. Comedy, whether in film, the radio, or television depends on “pushing the envelope”. In the beginning of film, slapstick and zany situations were all that… Continue Reading “The History of Comedy”