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1 Shot Wednesday + a favor

This Wednesday’s photo is of Clarkdale, Arizona, my town getting zapped by a rainbow. What a great omen, eh? Thank you to all who have read my latest published efforts, INSIDE THE GOLD PLATED PISTOL. Several of you have mentioned this second installment in… Continue Reading “1 Shot Wednesday + a favor”

Book 3: WWII research, POW Nurses, Bataan

While conducting research about the American WWII nurses who survived battle and prison camp in the Pacific, Mary Cronk Farrell’s Pure Grit is informative and detailing. In January 1941, orders are given for the U.S. Army General Hospital no.2, to move ten miles down a… Continue Reading “Book 3: WWII research, POW Nurses, Bataan”

Preorder Inside the Gold-Plated Pistol today

Well, it’s finally here! I’m pleased to announce for only .99 cents, you can preorder your Kindle copy of my second book in a six-part series. This historical fiction project showcases underrepresented voices of the twentieth century in U.S. History. If you’d like to… Continue Reading “Preorder Inside the Gold-Plated Pistol today”