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Frozen Moments with David Foster Wallace

Once I knew a shy man, a brilliant man, who wooed the literary world. I was his creative writing student at Illinois State University in the mid-nineties. He was the weird writer/professor just featured in Time, with the red bandana and Lennon glasses, messy hair and shredded jeans, clunky boots and… Continue Reading “Frozen Moments with David Foster Wallace”

POV in Books and Films

Why are books often better than the film? Character driven stories adapted to the screen rarely capture the languid, interconnected weaving of words. The point of view depicted in books and films have become more important to me, affecting my patience and enjoyment of… Continue Reading “POV in Books and Films”

Read This: Four for you

Looking for something good to read? Here are a few entertaining novels I’ve recently read: Science Fiction: The Wind Up Girl It’s the 24th Century in Thailand and gene-hacked food is owned by corporations and bio-terrorism is the norm. Enter genetically programmed slave-girl, Emiko,… Continue Reading “Read This: Four for you”