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Five Shots: Sweet Seattle

Which of these five shots in Seattle is the sweetest? Chocolate shoppes everywhere!   The sweet fragrance of fresh cut flowers? a healthy granddaughter? Or a happy Mom and baby? A very sweet vacation, indeed.

To Everything, There is a Season

Future pianist?? “The attempt at creating positive memories for the duration of your child’s life.”  That pretty much sums up the definition of a parent. Today I am reminded, in the simplest terms, life is simply about endings and beginnings and the transitions therein.… Continue Reading “To Everything, There is a Season”

Cindy’s Christmas Carol

I do not think it’s a foreign concept that the purpose of the holiday season is to give your heart, your efforts, and your gifts to those in need and to those you love. As a Christian, I’m aware of the reason for the… Continue Reading “Cindy’s Christmas Carol”