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At the Edge

When I’m taking photographs, I find I’m at the edge of the things. The edge of space, skirting the edge of something where one more step I’d be in the thick or absense of things.

A. DSC00798

Like the edge of a mountain top

B. DSC00083

9,000 feet up.

C. KIMG0166

or at the edge of a canyon with Bear

D. DSC01277

at the edge of the deck of my home

E. DSC03649

In the city, at the edge of a wall

F. DSCN0889

At the edge of a street looking out at the city


At the edge of the beach

H. LulCove2

At the edge of an inlet


or the edge of the cliffs.


During the holidays, at the edge of a table playing cards.


or a grove of Aspens.

Which edge shot do you prefer?

A. Mingus Mt., Verde Valley, Arizona

B. Mingus Mt., Verde Valley, Arizona

C. Home, Sycamore Canyon Wilderness, AZ

D. Fay’s Canyon, Sedona, Arizona

E. Berlin Wall

F. Paris

G. Duck, Outer Banks, North Carolina

H. Lulworth Cove, Dorset County, England

I. Horseshoe Bay, Bermuda

J. Christmas time, Virginia

K. Aspen grove, Hart Prairie, Flagstaff, AZ