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Five Shots: Fossil Creek

Taking advantage of a supreme Arizona fall morning, Jim, Bear, and I drove out to Tonto Wilderness Area and hiked the waterfall trail at Fossil Creek, an artesian spring that bubbles out of the high ground with a concentrated amount of calcium carbonate on travertine creating terraces, steep waterfalls, and large pools. Emerald green water is the result and brings many to the area. This time of year, we beat any crowd and had the path to ourselves. Here are several shots from the area.  Which one do you like the best?

1. Foam
2. Fall Morning
3. Tree Grass
4. Big Waterfall
5. Green Water
6. Wading Pool
7. Cliff View
8. Fossil Rocks
cliff view 2
9. Cliff View Two
10. Bark
11. Deep Pool
12. Spotlight
13. Sally May
14. Perfect November Day
Tonto National Forest Map of Fossil Creek Wilderness Area







Arizona, Five Shots of..., five shots...., nature, photography

Five Shots: Butterfly Wonderland

Growing Butterflies

I was in Phoenix today with family enjoying the 3,000 butterflies fluttering around us at Butterfly Wonderland. What did I learn? It takes three generations in the span of a year for the Monarch Butterfly to complete the great migration. It begins in the hills of Texas where butterflies feed on Milkweed. Then they produce the next generation which flies up to Toronto. The final generation senses winter is coming, so they fly south to Mexico, riding the wind, sometimes up to a mile high. They spend the winter in Mexico, billions of them. Then they return to Texas.  I apologize for not knowing the names of the species we encountered today. Here a dozen shots for you today. Which shot do you like best?

1. Attracted to Orchids
2. Sharp Shooter
3. The Hitchhiker


4. Gentle Queen
5. Sunbathing with Orange Hibiscus
6. In with the Green
7. Orange Slices
8. Fanning on Palm Leaves
9. A & W
10. Ghost
11. Blue Giant
12. Butterfly Pole