Five Shots: Last Greens of Summer

Cool temperatures and blue skies had us in the car heading north today to see if the Aspen leaves had turned. The scenic drive from Sedona up to Flagstaff is one of the prettiest scenic drives around. At Flagstaff, we hiked around Hart Prairie where a frost burnt the ferns and the Aspens were still green. Then we drove over to Garland Prairie to see if the fields of flowers were blooming, but we were too late, the flower stalks were black and wilted. Even though our timing was off, to catch leaves and flowers in their glory, Jim, Bear, and I enjoyed the pleasant weather. Which shot do you like best?

1. Sedona Rocks at Oak Creek
2. Hart Prairie, Flagstaff
3. Hart Prairie
4. Aspen Leaves
5. Aspen Leaf in the Sun
6. Grazing Cow at Garland Prairie
7. Garland Prairie

Five Shots: Garland Prairie, Arizona

30 miles to the San Francisco Peaks

Over the weekend, we drove north on Perkinsville Road around the west side of the Sycamore Wilderness and headed into the Ponderosa Pines of the Kaibab National Forest when suddenly out we came to the edge of a prairie. With a liberated gasp, we felt like we had walked into a painting of Charles Monet. Looking across, yearning to hike, but that’s an adventure for another day. Here are five shots of Garland Prairie, just south of Route 66 (hwy 40) west of Flagstaff, Arizona.

An Abandoned Shed
garland prairie flowers
Monet Sky


A gentle road flanked by flowers.


garland prairie barn
Garland Prairie Homestead


Which one do you like best?

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