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Vote for favorite song from German class

Zwei Lieblingslieder aus Deutschklasse If you live in Europe, you’ve probably heard of Namika and Johannes Oerding. But not so for my students and I who live in Arizona. I’ve been introducing  “das lied der woche” (song of the week) since the school year began.… Continue Reading “Vote for favorite song from German class”

IMO: Teaching German with Songs and Pretzels

Guten Tag! I have 90 German students this year. Like many World Language teachers, it’s a no-brainer to implement the song of the week. I picked Peter Fox’s “Haus um See”. Students get parallel texts and link favorite words or lines as a fun way… Continue Reading “IMO: Teaching German with Songs and Pretzels”

Summer 2011: VA to VT to NM

I conducted an experiment to see how long I could function in society without owning a cell phone. One, I was on a tight budget. The land line had been around my whole life and it seemed perfectly acceptable to share one house phone… Continue Reading “Summer 2011: VA to VT to NM”