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Five Shots: A Revisit to Greece

Six months ago, our educational traveling group went to Athens and island hopped in the Aegean Sea. I’m sure I took over a hundred photos, but only shared a few. If you missed the original posts, I linked them at the end. I enjoy looking at summer shots during the winter and vice versa. They always stir a memory. Here are 5 + 10 shots you haven’t seen.

1. Patmos dinner at the beach
2. Mykonos Harbor
2. Mykonos Harbor
3. Mykonos Windmills
3. Mykonos Windmills
4. Mykonos Sunset
4. Mykonos Sunset
5. Mykonos Sunset II
5. Mykonos Sunset II
6. Mykonos High Tide
6. Mykonos High Tide
7. Mykonos at night
7. Mykonos at night
8. Rhodes Fortress in the Harbor
8. Rhodes Fortress in the Harbor
9. Rhodes North Beach
9. Rhodes North Beach
10. Rhodes North Beach II
10. Rhodes North Beach II
12. Rhodes North Beach III
11. Rhodes North Beach III
13. Santorini
12. Santorini
14. Santorini II
13. Santorini II
15. Santorini III
14. Santorini III
16. Good bye, Athens.
15. Goodbye, Athens.
Which ones resonate with you? 

If you missed the original posts, check them out here:

adventure, architecture, educational travel, Five Shots of..., five shots...., nature, photography, travel

Five Shots: Walking around Santorini


Okay, last photo post about Greece and the islands. Thank you for allowing me to share them with you. It’s a magical place and none more so than the island of Santorini. Someone on the trip said that in 2014, Santorini was voted “The prettiest place on Earth”. I’ll let you decide. Here are some of the pictures taken on this volcanic island in the southern part of the Cyclades Islands in the Aegean Sea.

Smooth rounded domes and cube-styled white-washed buildings. The sun accentuates the layers.
Santorini is loaded with Catholic churches–Greek Orthodox and Roman Catholic. The crosses contrast with the blue sharply. The paint colors of doors and railings make it a truly unique place.
Image from Cindy (7)
A splash of sunlight tips the monochromatic blues.


Image from Cindy (12)
archways and crossroads


A bolt of red in the white.


When you explore the cobbled alleyways, you will stumble upon churches with their bells that ring on the half hour.


The largest church of Santorini is the Orthodox Cathedral. It was founded in 19th century and in close distance is the Catholic Cathedral dedicated to Saint John the Baptist. During the Byzantine times was built the famous church of Panagia Episkopi that has survived many invasions and is well-preserved up to this day. The Dominican Convent is inhabited by 12 nuns. We found a chapel where mass was about to begin. They are behind the curtain behind the altar. We sat and listened to them sing.DSC02862

Image from Cindy (10)

Take a stroll and watch the sun think about setting, changing the landscape colors every five minutes.
The view looking out from the top of the island.
A panorama of the west side of the island top of Fira.
A hazy day, but the blue water is still magnificent to behold.
The ironed railings and vibrant painted doors are everywhere.
Doors are always fun to take pictures of. The paint jobs are impeccable.
Laid out in all her beauty.
Even the old doors make cool shots.


Time to head back to the ship.

Despite her popularity, I didn’t feel crowded there at all.


There are 588 steps down the side of island and 3 ways to get there. Walk. Take a cable car. Or ride the donkeys down.



Image from Cindy (8)
The sunset turns the volcanic brown gold.


Which shot do you like best? 

One last picture of a meal. My favorite. The authentic Gyro! 

Image from Cindy (11)

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Five Shots: Greek Havens to Eat

Just back from our recent group trip to Athens and the Aegean Sea, and daily we looked for that special place to sit and relax and sample the local cuisine. Where would you like to eat?

Athens, walking around the Acropolis.

How about walking around the Plaka district in Athens to find your perfect spot? The side streets function as outdoor sitting areas. Climb up the steps and enjoy a meal on the roof top restaurants. 

Athens side streets abound with cafes and rooftop restaurants.
Too early yet, but at night, the Parthenon complex glows.

Here’s one we chose, hoping it would be fine since we didn’t want to descend all the steps and look for something else. 


It was just fine.  We enjoyed the breeze and the view of the city. 

Stuffed tomatoes and peppers, calamari, Greek salad.

Grecians have a great lifestyle. From noon to five, people stay indoors. The city comes to life at night and shops stay open until 11p.m. The object is to meander around or sit and talk while the sun sets, setting facades aglow. The temperatures throughout the trip were warm and dry. We frequently ate dinner after 8:30p.m.  

View from the rooftop restaurant, Athens.

Maybe you would prefer to eat at the shoreline of Mykonos? 


We spent an hour just eating the appetizer. I love fresh bread dipped in Tzatziki. The wine was delicious. 

DSC02682Sit at the cafe and watch the sunset.


Sometimes the wild waves and wind of Mykonos are too loud for normal conversation. At the island of Patmos, it was nice to have a quiet meal at the pebbled shoreline.  

Quiet Patmos


Fried smelt is an acquired taste. If you like majestic views, the popular island of Santorini is the spot for you. 


Santorini boasts it’s the prettiest island of the 220 Cyclades islands.  


Once you take the tram up to the island top, finding a relaxing cafe for a snack is easy. 


I loved the smoked salmon. Santorini has a brewery, and we sampled. 



Have a sit and look out over the city of Santorini. 


One day, I’m going back and staying at one of the other lesser known islands. A month in the summer would do. Dream on! 

What setting would you pick for taking a break and having a meal?