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L13FC: WWII from 2000 to the Present

It’s Friday the 13th and my lucky day. We get to share thoughts about a topic in the movie industry. Never has there been an event in the twentieth century that has instigated a global outpouring of stories documenting the best and worst in… Continue Reading “L13FC: WWII from 2000 to the Present”

Film Spotlight: Denial

Guest Review: DENIAL (2016) by Cinemusefilms  The nature of truth and the power to manipulate it have long been contentious themes in history and cinema. The outstanding film Denial (2016) resonates loudly in today’s post-truth world where power is often used to create alternate realities.… Continue Reading “Film Spotlight: Denial”

History in Films: The Holocaust

Teaching about the Holocaust is important and a mandatory topic in schools, but sharing the stories from books and films with my students wears on me like a wet, woolen overcoat, five sizes too big. I think everyone is aware of the chestnuts, The Diary of Anne Frank… Continue Reading “History in Films: The Holocaust”