In My Opinion

Among the Living

Dear Friends,

I am finally home from the hospital and happy to announce the worst is over, and I’m much better now. Livers are fascinating organs. What happened? The random cysts on mine started to bleed. One cyst was the size of a volleyball. 2 liters of fluid tapped and drained, bile leaks, bile from my belly button, a stent in the bile duct, drains out of me, vomiting, vomiting, vomiting. No foods or liquids other than an IV for five weeks. That’s it.

The whole nightmare lasted for two months. The silver lining was the loss of 40 pounds. I hardly recognize myself. I am looking forward to losing that sunken look in my eyes. I feel bones instead of fat. None of my clothes fit me. I feel younger. Time for walks and build up of strength.

Thank you for your concerned comments. I’m hoping to get on the computer now and writing posts and reading yours!

Friendship & Love,