Hi there, friends.


Goodbye, big skies of Arizona. We’ve admired you for a decade.
We are trading skies for the abundant water found in Virginia.
For rolling hills and a few acres of our own.
We sold our home, and I am carrying out my teaching contract until May. Jim and I will live in this motor home for several months. We found a spot that overlooks the Sedona Red Rocks at the edge of an RV park. We will cross the country in this beast.
My daughter, granddaughter Milly, and Ruby are coming, too! Seems we all need a change.

Oh, it all sounds easy, doesn’t it? “Let’s pretend we are starting out in life instead of ending up.” Can you name the quote from what 90s film starring Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman? We have internalized this quote.

Life changes are exciting but simultaneously painful and nerve-wracking, as well. Selling one’s stuff. Dismantling a home in search of another. Has it really been August since I’ve posted? I look forward to finding our home in Virginia and beginning a new job at a new school. Once the dust settles, I do hope to post and complete novel 3. Thank you for your patience. I wish you well!

Bored. Time to change it up!

Let’s do this!