Happy St. Patrick’s Day

Driving up to Jerome, AZ, there’s a lady who likes to dress up her four pink flamingos. I get a kick out of her creativity and look to see what the flamingos are wearing every time I go through the quirky town.

1 Shot Wednesday: A Cool Picture

Is it hot where you live? August is my least favorite month of the year. It’s the month one suffers through. In many places, it’s hot and humid (the steamy heat that coats and drains) or if you live in Arizona (except for Flagstaff), it’s that dry, blasting heat with three-digit temperatures. (100-120 F or 37/48c ) This photo is a visual cool down. I enjoy looking at photos out of season. This surprise snowfall happened on Christmas morning, 2016. We drove up to Jerome to get a view of the valley. Hang in there! Fall is fast approaching. 

The best Christmas present if you live in the desert.

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